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Home Builders,
Tracking your waste
and recycling is easy!

Whether you’re a custom home builder, large scale developer, home remodeler, or Sub Contractor Green Halo provides waste and recycling tracking solutions that are inexpensive and easy to use, while saving you time and money.

Green Halo allows you to create waste management plans for your projects, auto-generate bid sheets for waste hauling, locate the nearest recycling facilities and hauling vendors, monitor project and sub contractor compliance with municipal recycling requirements, generate comprehensive reports and statistics by project or by entire company for clients and marketing purposes, and see carbon footprint and environmental impacts of your projects.

We also build custom applications to track waste and recycling you can integrate into your existing web site, to monitor sub contractor recycling activity and compliance, generate reports and statistics for clients, and promote your company’s social and environmental responsibility.


We make tracking waste and recycling easy!

Know your project’s recycling status today – where it’s going

Get in-depth tools for analyzing your recycling information. Understand your project’s waste flow, view waste trends, and more, so you can move your green business forward.

Manage all your recycling from one place

Organize your recycling with Green Halo and get the information you need fast. Check your diversion rates, recycling statistics, and company statistics in an instant.

Export Your Recycling Data
to Excel

All data and reports can be exported into Microsoft Excel with just one click. Export data from Green Halo and import it into other programs with ease.

Company Snapshot

With Green Halo’s comprehensive recycling overview, and easy-to- understand charts, graphs, and summaries, you can view your recycling data in real time –
all on one screen.

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